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     -MCG Electronics, Inc. Surge Protectors
          ~AC Line Protection
          ~Data Line Protection
          ~What Is SurgeFree?
          ~10 Year "No-Nonsense" Warranty
          ~CBEMA Standards
          ~Year 2000 Compliance
          ~Glossary of Surge Protection Terms
          ~Articles, Apps, Specs, and More

     -Veris Industries, Inc. Sensors
          ~Hawkeye Power Monitoring
          ~Alta Labs Environmental Sensors
          ~Enspector Energy and Environmental Auditing Tools
          ~Product List

     -ACI Sensors and Transmitters
          ~Temperature Sensors and Transmitters
          ~Relative Humidity Transmitters
          ~Pressure Transmitters
          ~Current Sensors
          ~Interface Devices
          ~Accessories & Other Sensors

     -Summit Technology, Inc. PowerSight 3000 Energy Analyzer
          ~PC Control Analysis Software
     -Sensaphone Alarm Dialers
          ~Comparison Chart

     -Tripp Lite Power Protection
~UPS Systems
          ~Isobar Surge Protectors
          ~Line Conditioners/Isolations Transformers

     -Replacement Batteries for UPS Systems and Computers

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