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Veris makes power monitoring easy, cost-effective, and accurate. Now you can submeter tenants, manage energy, optimize plant, equipment, and industrial processes! You can also monitor fans, pumps, motors, and even VFDs reliably. Veris current sensors install quickly and outperform differential pressure sensors every time!



    Enercept® Networked (Modbus RTU) Power Meters

  • The world's most cost-effective meter
  • Monitor energy parameters (kW, kWh, kVAR, PF, Amps, Volts) at up to 63 locations on a single RS 485 network



    Eserver Energy Information Server

  • Remote metering of commercial and industrial facilities
  • The Eserver monitors up to 20 devices including Enercept Power Meters and Alta Labs temperature sensors
  • Eservers can accept standard pulsed inputs for easy integration of energy usage from water, gas, utility, and sewage meters


    PC Based Metering Software

  • Retrieve metering data from Veris meters and Alta Labs sensors
  • Profile energy consumption in commercial and industrial facilities
  • Establish energy usage baselines for performance contracts


H6000 Series

    kW / kWH Transducers

  • Current transformers (CTs) utilize accurate low-voltage output...non hazardous, even if left unshorted
  • Eliminates need for current shorting bars
  • Split-core CTs...no need to remove conductor
  • Compact enclosed conduit H-6001 measures 8" x 8" x 4" (L x W x D)
  • 4-20 mA output loop continuity LED
  • Accurate to +/- 0.5 % true RMS power

H6010 Series

    kWH Submeters / Pulse Meters

  • Submetering for commercial tenants ... Allocate costs
  • Energy management & performance contracting
  • Maintains readings even after power loss
  • Accurate to +/- 0.5 % true RMS power
  • Read meter directly...no confusing multipliers

H8040 Series

    Enercept® Self-contained Split-core kW Transducers (4-20mA)

  • Optimization of chillers, pumps and cooling towers
  • Fast split-core installation eliminates the need to remove conductors
  • ± 1 % accuracy

H8050 Series

    Enercept® Self-contained Split-core kWH Transducers (pulse output)

  • Energy management and performance contracting
  • Precision meter electronics and current transformers in a single package...reduces the number of installed components...Huge labor savings


H6810 Series

    Instrument Grade Current Transformers

  • Accurate to +/- 0.5 % true reading
  • Ideal for use with data loggers, fault recorders, & PLCs
  • Use 1.0 V output with 6000 Series / 6010 Series submeters & transformers
  • 0.333 V and 1 mA output versions are available


PT Series

    Indoor Potential Transformers

  • 3 Ø & 1 Ø (fused & unfused)
  • Cores and coils encased and vacuum encapsulated
  • UL recognized, E145172



    High Performance Split-Core

  • New high performance miniature split-core
  • Low (1.25A) minimum set-point...eliminates the need to wrap the conductor through the sensor, even on loads as small as (1/20 HP)
  • Small size fits easily inside of small starter enclosures
  • 1 Amp status output for increased application flexibility
  • Detects belt loss and mechanical failure...ideal for fan/pump status monitoring
  • Reliable cost-effective fan/pump status sensor...the H608 replaces pressure switches and other electromechanical devices...no fitting or tapping required


    Adjustable Set-Point

  • New Models! Improved 1 Amp status output
  • (1-135 amps) Adjustable set-points
  • More reliable & cost effective than differential pressure switches
  • Power & Status LEDs for easy set-up
  • Self-induced power-fast installation


    "Go/no" Current Switches

  • More reliable for status than relays across auxiliary contracts
  • Great for lighting status...less expensive than 277 V relays
  • Low 0.5 A turn-on...ideal for small exhaust fans
  • Mini solid-core (Model 800) fits in tight enclosure
  • Split-core (Model 900) snaps on conductor


    Microprocessor Current Switch

  • Self-adjusts trip set-point
  • Works with variable frequency drives on the load side
  • Automatically compensates for effects of frequency and amperage changes associated with VFDs
  • Huge labor savings....no need to calibrate in live starter enclosures
  • Split-core design is ideal for retrofits...no need to remove conductor
  • Microprocessor automatically sets threshold

H5000 Series

    Precision Set-Point & Display Switches

  • 2 or 4-point Remote Status Panels locate at your control panel, display status and set-up controls are now conveniently located
  • Complete checkout with one technician with a remote terminal at the panel
  • Eliminates "run-around time"...quickly adjust up to four sensors at one location
  • Adjustable hysterisis



    Motor Protection and Load Switching

  • Sensor trips when threshold is exceeded...extend motor and tool life
  • Ideal for grinders, conveyors, machine tools, extending tool life
  • Combines CT (current transformer), transducer, and output in a single unit
  • Model 717 features adjustable 0.1 to 8 second in-rush ignore and 180 second lock-out reset (fixed)


    Remote Current Switch/Command Relay

  • Combines a status sensor, command relay, and HOA switch in a single easy to install remote enclosure...saves time and money
  • Ideal for monitoring and controlling small motors where there is limited space available to install a current status switch with integral relay
  • Mount directly to double or single gang boxes, or flush to existing starter enclosures


    Combo Current Switch/Command Relay

  • New 10 Amp command relay
  • Command relay & status in a single unit...Installation savings
  • 24 VAC/DC command relay switches up to 5 A @ 240 VAC
  • 1-135 amps adjustable set-point for current sensor status
  • Replaces pressure switches & other electromechanical devices


    "Go/no" Current Switch/Command Relay

  • New 10 Amp command relay
  • On/off status and command relay in a single labor and space saving device
  • Ideal for direct-drive units, unit vents, fan coil units, exhaust fans and other fixed loads
  • Self gripping split core for fast retrofit installation
  • Unique self-gripping split-core clamps on the motor conductor... no mounting required


    VFD Current Switch/Command Relay

  • A self-calibrating current switch for start/stop and status
  • Factory programmed to detect belt loss
  • Can detect belt loss on variable frequency drives
  • 1 sensor that does the job of 2 provides for the lowest total installed cost
  • 24 VAC/DC command relay switches up to 5A @ 240 VAC
  • Unique self-gripping split-core is perfect for retrofits


    Split-core Current Switch/Command Relay

  • New 10 Amp command relay
  • Reduces the number of installed components...saves installation time and panel space
  • Positive status sensor & command relay in a single labor saving device
  • Self gripping split core for fast retrofit installation
  • Unique self-gripping split-core clamps on the motor conductor... no drill mounting required



    High Amperage Split-cores

  • Use to monitor larger motors from 300A to 800A
  • Easy Installation
  • Eliminates need for external CTs on large conductors
  • Large openings for heavy conductors
  • Loop powered 4-20 mA output
  • High resolution
  • Current limiting design will not false trip on motor start-up


    High Accuracy 4-20 mA Output

  • Polymer Core for Variable Frequency Drives (V.F.Ds)
  • Superior to Hall-effect & metal core sensors...insensitive to frequencies 10-80 hz
  • Accurate to 0.5% full scale
  • May be used on VFD load side
  • Combines sensor & transducer in an easy-to-install package
  • Adjustable zero setting & span for precise scaling
  • Adjustable mounting bracket for easy placement


    Loop Powered 4-20 mA Analogs

  • Reduces the number of installed components
  • Self-gripping split core for fast retrofit installation
  • Economical solid-core features adjustable bracket for easy alignment
  • Factory calibrated switch selectable ranges (30, 60, 120 A)


    Self-powered 0-5 VDC Analogs

  • Reduces the number of installed components
  • Self-gripping split core for fast retrofit installation
  • Economical solid-core features adjustable bracket for easy alignment
  • Factory calibrated switch selectable ranges (30, 60, 120 A)



        24 VDC Switching Power Supply

  • Accepts 85 to 265 VAC ... covers most field applications
  • 24 VDC, 30 watt output, replaceable fuse
  • High efficiency - won't generate heat in control panel

For more information and pricing, or to place an order for any of the above products, please call us Toll Free at 1-800-784-7989 (US only), fill out our Request Form, or send us an e-mail to:  sales@sentinelpower.com.

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