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Veris Application Notes
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Applications are suggestions. Field applications vary; since manufacturer does not install the devices, it is up to the installer to ensure suitability and compliance to appropriate codes.

Monitoring Fan & Pump Status

    New Construction
    Retrofit applications

Fan & Pump Status with Integral Start/Stop

Monitoring Variable Frequency Drive Status

    Option 1: Mount a standard 700 or 900 series sensor on the line side
    Option 2: Mount a Hawkeye 720 analog sensor on the load side
    Option 3: Install the Hawkeye 907 on the load side

Monitoring Unit Vents and Exhaust Fans

Monitoring Lighting Circuits and Heaters

Monitoring Motor Amperage

    High Accuracy for VFD's
    Cost Effective Scaleable Analog Sensors

Submetering Tenant Operations

    Measuring demand (kW) and consumption (kWH)
    Monitoring kWH (Consumption) Only

Optimizing Chiller Plant Performance

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