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U003-0007 through U003-0009

The U003-0007, U003-0008, and U003-0009 air flow and humidity testers carry the Veris reputation and guarantee of performance. Their convenient design allows accurate reading of air flow, air temperature, and humidity in any indoor environment. Measure air flow and temperature at a ventilation register to ensure proper operation. Theses devices help to maintain comfortable conditions in living and working spaces.


U003-0004 through U003-0006

U003-0004, U003-0005, and U003-0006 air quality and pressure testers offer a convenient and accurate solution for measuring CO, CO2, and differential pressure levels in indoor environments. All devices are small and light for easy carrying to any location, and all are sturdy enough to withstand normal bumps and drops. Operation is simple with large button panels. The backlit LCD screen allows easy visibility under any lighting condition.


U003-0001 through U003-0003

The Veris U003-0001, U003-0002, and U003-0003 electrical testers provide superb field testing flexibility. These devices are lightweight, yet durable, with LCD displays for easy visibility in all conditions. All testers offer accurate measurement of voltage and amperage. Additional features, such as temperature, resistance, and capacitance measurement, are available on some models.


U003-0010 through U003-0012

The U003-0010, U003-0011, and U003-0012 specialty meters offer convenience and expediency in a small, durable housing. Support your projects with easy determination of temperature, distance, and light intensity using accurate non-contact devices.