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Internet Office Series

BC Internet UPS Systems

Internet-ready power protection for personal computers

BC Internet UPS System provides the optimum power protection for the Internet user's PC. Built-in RJ11 jacks safeguard your modem/fax equipment and reliable battery backup keeps your systems up and running through power outages.

  • Battery backup prevents your Internet connection from crashing during short power losses and gives you ample time to safely log off during longer ones
  • Built-in RJ11 jacks provide complete modem/fax surge protection
  • Protects against brownouts by switching to battery power when incoming voltage dips below acceptable levels
  • RFI/EMI line noise filtering prevents interference (i.e. from motors, lights and radio transmissions) from affecting your computer

Model BC Internet 300
Input/Output Voltage 120
Input/Output Hz 60
Output VA 300
Output Watts 175
UPS Type Standby
Online Waveform Pure Sine
On Battery Waveform PWM Sinusoidal
Voltage Regulation Output voltage in battery mode is regulated to 120 volts +/- 5%
Full Load Runtime (min.) 5
1/2 Load Runtime (min.) 17
Typical Runtime (min.) up to 32 min.
Recharge Rate (hours) 4-6
Transfer time (ms.) 2-4
Joules 360
Maximum Surge Current (amps) 27,000
Suppression Response Time Less than 1 nanosecond
EMI/RFI Noise Reduction Greater than 40 dB @ 1 MHz
High Volt Switch to Battery 145
Low Volt Switch to Battery 101
Outlet Type (f) 3 NEMA 5-15R
Cord Length 6 ft.
Plug Type (m) NEMA 5-15P
Dimensions HxWxD (inches) 8.25 x 4.25 x 5.75
Shipping Weight (lb.) 12
Fax/Modem Surge Protection Set of RJ11 jacks protects a single phone line
Network Interface Port None
Software and Cable Included N/A
Product Warranty (yr.) 2
Ultimate Lifetime Insurance $25,000
Battery Access Technician
Controls, Indicators, and Additional Features Power switch. AC Present, On Battery LEDs.

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