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Sensaphone 2000 keeps you informed about your process equipment 24 hours a day. It combines sophisticated monitoring with user-recorded alarm messages and flexible dial out capabilities to fax machines, pagers, e-mail* and computers. This unit can monitor and report on up to eight remote, analog or digital inputs and send those reports to as many as 32 locations. The information it collects is organized into easy-to-read reports and delivered wherever you want it, whenever you need it. An essential tool for monitoring environmental activity in a variety of applications, Sensaphone 2000 supplies the critical information needed to prevent costly problems and maintain peak performance at virtually any type of facility.

The Sensaphone 2000 is the first unit of its kind to be capable of dialing through an Internet server to deliver reports to an e-mail address anywhere in the world.* An incoming phone call will automatically provide a voice status report, or a data connection for more detailed information retrieval. The 2000 will contact and send an alarm message to any of the preselected communication destinations that you select: fax machine, computer modem, numeric pager, alphanumeric pager, e-mail* address or voice message. Its massive internal data logging features allow you to log activity such as trends, usage and other factors. It can store up to 32,000 time stamped records for verifying activity and charting trends over long periods.

Dialing Parameters:
Programmable call list for each input
Alarm acknowledgement: touch tones, callback, or modem
Call progress monitoring: detect dial tone, busy signals and ringback
Programmable time between calls: 10 seconds to 60 minutes
32 destinations
36-digit telephone numbers
64-character e-mail addresses
8 Universal Inputs & 1 AC Power: normally open/closed contact
2.8K/10K thermistor
4-20mA current loop or 0-5V analog voltage
10-bit resolution
Communication Types:
Voice, fax, modem, Internet e-mail,* numeric pager, alphanumeric pager
Speech technology: user-recordable voice for 8 input alarm messages and one ID message
Data Logging:
Up to 32,000 samples (include date and time)
1 second to 200 hour sampling rate
User-programmable channel selection
AC power & Ni-Cad battery backup
Auto-polling from PC
Automatic report generation
Communication Ports:
RS232 programming port used for local programming and set-up
DB25 female DCE
38,400 bps
Windows® management software included
Built-in Data Modem:
Data throughput 14,400 bps 14,400 bps Fax
Protocols: V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22A/B, V.23, V.21, Bell 212A & 103
Size: 12.1" x 7.2" x 1.6"
Power requirements: External transformer 120VAC 60Hz 10W (UL listed power supply)
Batteries: (6) C-cell Rechargeable Ni-Cad (not included)
LEDs: Inputs 1-8, System On, Power Alarm, Phone, Battery OK
Operating temperature range: -32° to 122° F
Temperature sensing range: -60° to 175° F with remote temperature sensor
Humidity: 0-90% RH, non-condensing
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.
Technical data subject to change without notice.
* Requires use of Sensaphone e-mail service.

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