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The Sensaphone 1104 & 1108 offer flexible desktop monitoring for smaller, simpler applications. Operating on either the touch-tone or pulse dialing systems, the 1104 and 1108 desktop designs make installation easy. Both model offer flexible programming and competent monitoring in affordable, easy-to-use units.

The 1104 provides 4 alarm inputs and 4 phone numbers, while the 1108 model provides 8 alarm inputs and 8 phone numbers. Integrating a keypad for easy programming and built-in microphone, the 1104 & 1108 provide you with a dependable monitoring system with the exact features you need to keep track of vital environmental conditions.

Built-in Features:
4 user-selectable inputs, temperature or dry-contact
Microphone for monitoring alarms and remote listen-in
AC power failure sensing with variable recognition time
Battery condition monitor
Temperature Sensor
Advanced Capabilities:
User programmable: alarm recognition time, call delay, inter-call delay, message repetitions
Individual temperature input calibration
Nonvolatile memory for all programmed parameters
Call progress and escalation
Versatile Dial-Out Capabilities:
Alert sensors trigger pulse or tone dialout automatically
Dials up to 4 numbers, up to 32 digits each
Continues dialing numbers in sequence, until acknowledged
Intelligent dialout to beepers and pagers
Easy Control Access:
Keypad for local programming and status report
Call unit from any phone to verify status of all monitored conditions
Local or remote enabling/disabling of all dial-out conditions
Shares a single phone line with answering machine, allows full operation of both units
Programmable security code access
Specifications for 1104 & 1108:
Size: 7.5" x 2" x 8.5"
Power requirements: 120VAC 60Hz 15W
Batteries: (6) 1.5 volt D-cell alkaline (not included)
Telephone interface: FCC approved RJ-1 plug-in modular connector with 6' cord
Operating temperature range: 32 to 120 F
Temperature sensing range: -20 to 150 F with remote temperature sensor
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.
NRTL listed for compliance with U.L. Standard 1459.
Technical data subject to change without notice.

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