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SCADA  3000


In the past, manufacturers boasted of their highly advanced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems. Supposedly, these are full-featured systems, but their cost rivals the space shuttle…and that’s just the beginning!

To turn their SCADAs into the premiere system you thought you already paid for, you must buy expensive third party software and hardware. When you’re finished, you’ve paid for a space shuttle…and the rocket fuel!

Until now, these non-integrated SCADA systems were the only systems available. Because of their inflated costs, small to mid-size users were denied the benefits of an advanced SCADA system to run their remote facilities. Not any more!

Sensaphone, Inc. presents SCADA 3000, the fully integrated control system you need to run all your remote facilities. It’s a complete SCADA system, where your only surprise is how little it costs…to do so much! With the unequaled Sensaphone SCADA 3000, the high cost of SCADA is history!



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Other SCADA systems limit you to only one method of communications. Your Sensaphone SCADA 3000 RTU’s are designed to communicate with the host PC by standard data radio, ordinary phone lines, or a mix of both. Even cellular phone communications are possible with an adapter.


Effectively managing industrial environments means immediate notification in case of problems. Delays and down time can cost millions of dollars.

However, with most control systems, the alarming functions require you to purchase third party hardware and/or software, where various incompatibilities may not be obvious until it’s too late. The Sensaphone SCADA 3000 includes a complete set of communications options and capabilities.

Whether you are using phone lines or radios, the Sensaphone SCADA 3000 system can report alarms using custom voice, numeric pagers, alphanumeric pagers, fax, and even e-mail.


Standard on each Sensaphone SCADA 3000 are 16 universal inputs and 8 relay outputs. The inputs can accept contact closures, 4-20mA transducers, 0-5 Volt sensors, and even thermistors.

As you grow and bring new machinery or facilities on-line, the Sensaphone SCADA 3000 can expand to meet your needs. Expansion modules are available to add specialized inputs such as thermocouples or high speed pulse counters, or even additional universal inputs.

Outputs can be expanded to add more relay channels, or 4-20mA analog output channels. You can add modules to the Sensaphone SCADA 3000 and keep expanding up to a total of 144 I/O points. With the wide variety of I/O types available to be used directly with the RTU, buying costly signal conditioners is a thing of the past!


Fully programmable time-stamped data is not only standard, but it includes several unique options. Sensaphone SCADA 3000 not only internally logs and stores data, it produces reports via phone modem directly to your main computer or even a fax machine.

Radio network applications will have data logging performed from within the main computer’s free software.


Ladder Programming
Ladder Logic is the most easily understood and usable control language in use today. The Sensaphone SCADA 3000 makes it even easier. A full set of standard ladder instructions are built in along with counters, timers, and even analog capability.

There is no additional programming software to buy. The free software package comes complete with a Windows®-based drag and drop ladder editor that significantly reduces your set up time.

The Sensaphone SCADA 3000 has built-in C-programming to handle any control algorithms, which may be too complex for Ladder Logic. Though the C-program can run independently of ladder programs, we have built-in the capability of both programs to share and pass information back and forth for ultimate control. Of course, the necessary software to develop C-programs is included in our free software package!

PID Functions
Not only does Sensaphone SCADA 3000 build in ladder and C-programming, we complete your control needs with built-in Proportional Integral Derivative control functions. Any analog input and output channel pair can be associated with up to 8 PID algorithms. Each algorithm will have its own set of fill-in-the-blank parameters.

Remote Programming Access
The Sensaphone SCADA 3000 has another unique function that sets it apart from other RTUs and PLCs: total programming is possible from local or remote locations! There are no chips to “ burn” and programming remains safe in case of power loss. You are in constant communication with your “remotes,” allowing you to program new control or alarm parameters 24 hours a day! Updating Ladder and C- programs can also be done remotely, allowing for maximum flexibility in communication and control.


Sensaphone SCADA 3000 power systems include the latest technology in intelligent battery charging: current monitoring, safe battery cut off and built-in support for solar power. Power supplies are available for both 110 and 220 volt operation and with a variety of international safety approvals.


Any SCADA system stands or falls on the software: its ease of installation, use and cost! Sensaphone SCADA 3000 comes with free software, a significant cost benefit, as no high cost third party software must be purchased and installed. Sensaphone SCADA 3000’s powerful 32-bit software is installable by your own personnel. Developmental tools are built into the software and much of the set-up is already done for you!

Custom modules for programming, system configuration, polling and alarming are important features of our innovative software package. This package offers a simple point and click user interface for all of its functions and full compatibility with Windows® (95/98, and NT). User friendly menus allow quick and easy access to such important features as…

Ladder Editor
Complete ladder development, using a simple drag and drop editing environment, is included in the free software package.

C-Program Editor
Full C-programming is already built-in, saving you thousands of dollars in add-on development systems. Editing is done on and off line, then compiling and downloading data is easily and quickly done with the point and click user interface.

Alarm Functions
With a voice and fax enabled modem in your PC, this software will generate alarm notifications using custom voice messages, fax, numeric and alphanumeric pagers, and even e-mail. This total PC alarming feature comes standard with the free software package and is compatible with most PCs.

Real Time Screen Builder
To operate your real-time SCADA host, Sensaphone SCADA 3000’s free software includes a custom screen editor. With this valuable tool, you can add a professional look to your user interface on specific applications. Multiple custom screens for different views, or different users are easily accomplished with this built-in software feature.

Data Logging
For maximum efficiency, the software package allows data to be sampled from both the RTU and PC, with built-in functions to retrieve, analyze and store all sampled data.

Communications Manager
The Sensaphone SCADA 3000 software is powerful enough to allow use of both phone modem and radio modem communications simultaneously. The software has the ability to manage up to four communications paths that can be radio or phone modems.


All Sensaphone products are completely manufactured in the United States so Sensaphone, Inc. can stand behind the SCADA 3000 with a 3-year comprehensive warranty and unlimited technical support. When help is needed, support is available at 610-558-2700 or Sensaphone's website at www.sensaphone.com or
e-mail the factory's technical support department at support@sensaphone.com.





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