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Keep an eye on your gear with Sensaphone

The Sensaphone—the best environmental autodialer on the market—will monitor your Server Room, PBX, Computer Room, or Equipment Room.  Our six autodialers help prevent expensive losses due to power outages, water damage, air conditioner failures, freezing conditions, fire alarms and humidity extremes.

Worried about your Home or Cabin?  The Sensaphone 1104 is ideal for protecting your property from disaster—know if you have a power failure before your water pipes freeze and break!

Don't be the last to know!   Whether you are responsible for Computer Systems, Telephone Rooms, Boiler Rooms, Agricultural Buildings, or simply worried about your home when you can't be there—our Sensaphone monitoring systems ensure that you are the first to know . . .  the first to know something is wrong . . .  the first to react to prevent a potentially expensive disaster from happening.

SO-1104 & SO-1108 Sensaphone Desktop Monitor
Programmable desktop monitor for power, temperature, and noise. Calls up to four people or pagers and up to four auxiliary alarm inputs for additional sensors. Requires six D-cell batteries for up to 10 hours power backup. Includes microphone for remote room monitoring. 1108 model is the same as 1104 but with eight numbers and inputs.
SO-4100 Sensaphone Industrial Model
Functions similar to SO-1104 but with recharging gel-cell battery. Monitors temperature and power. Three auxiliary inputs available for additional sensors. Dials up to four numbers. Ideal for harsh environments requiring basic environmental monitoring.
SO-6500 Sensaphone Express
Advanced environmental monitor which allows you to record your own custom alarm messages in your own voice. Unit is programmable remotely. Monitors temperature, power, and noise level and includes four inputs for additional sensors. Also provides alarm relay for activation of auxiliary equipment. Dials out to eight numbers. Includes 12h gel-cell battery backup with auto-recharging.
SO-6700 Sensaphone Express II
Expandable monitoring system including all of the features of the SO-6500 with expanded functionality. Includes eight inputs for alarm sensors with capacity for 32 inputs for advanced sensors and/or counters. Dials up to 48 telephone numbers to deliver alarm messages. Includes 12h gel-cell battery with auto-recharging. Most advanced all-purpose environmental monitoring system.
SO-2000 Sensaphone 2000
The newest, most advanced feature-rich monitor on the market! Up to eight universal alarm inputs. Delivers alarm messages to 32 telephone numbers. Even sends alarms to your e-mail, fax, or alpha pager! Event logging capable. Each alarm input is programmable to a specific telephone number. Remotely programmable or from Windows software, which is included!

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