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Sensaphone IMS - 1000
Infrastructure Monitoring System


Sensaphone SCADA 3000 Flexible Control

The New IMS-1000 offers web-based monitoring for everyone

Sensaphone's latest development, the IMS-1000, provides a flexible, web-based monitoring system for many applications. It connects to any Ethernet network and has a built in web server for viewing status, making programming changes, and reviewing data log history. Up to eight sensors can be connected to monitor a wide variety of conditions including temperature, humidity, physical security, smoke, fire, power, etc. The IMS 1000 is perfect for cold storage applications and even accepts a new 85 Deg C temperatures sensor. It also includes one relay output to switch a local device on or off depending on alarm activity. Power failure monitoring is built-in along with a rechargeable battery backup.

Alarm notification is delivered by sending e-mail messages and text messages. An upgrade is available to also include a telephone connection that adds custom voice alarm phone calls. With the phone option users can also call in for a voice status just like most other Sensaphone products.

If the IMS-1000 is going to be used in a computer room, additional computer room features are also built-in. IP device monitoring is included to monitor the proper functioning of the servers on your network. Alarms can also be sent via snmp traps, and all programming parameters are accessible through the IMS-1000 snmp agent.

Easy Programming:
A simple fill in the blank web page is provided for all of your detailed programming of the 1000. It only takes a few minutes to type in the monitoring parameters and contact methods.

Easy Status View:
The single click web summary provides a quick summary of all your monitored conditions. Go to the web page and check the summary as often as you like to verify that everything is okay.

Easy History and Trend Information:
The IMS-1000 system stores important information for later viewing. This includes the details of alarm events and even periodic snapshots of all of the monitored conditions. This information can be viewed at anytime from the automatically generated web page. You can view single-click quick trends for each monitored condition, or even create a custom history view to see exactly what has been going on at your facility.


The all new Sensaphone IMS-1000 Infrastructure Monitoring System makes it easy to monitor your critical facilities. It can monitor a wide variety of conditions and provides a web page view of your environment.

Plug in Sensors: No screw terminals. No wire stripping.
Web interface
E-mail messages
Text messages
Optional voice phone call alarms
Built in data logger
Relay output
No monthly fees
No dependencies
Video camera integration
IP alarms
Battery Backup
Power Failure
Temperature even ultra low freezers down to 85 Deg C
Water on Floor
Smoke, fire
Security doors, motions
AC current
Air Flow
Third party bridge to dry contacts and 4-20mA transducers


IMS-1000 Accessories

IMS-4810 -  Mounts on wall or any flat surface to measure temperature in the room.

Temperature w/Display:
IMS-4811 - Wall mount temperature sensor with the addition of a local temperature display.

IMS-4812 - Used to measure temperature in a small space, inside cabinets or even directly on the surface of a piece of equipment.

IMS-4820 -  Mounts on wall to measure relative humidity in a room.

Humidity w/Display:
IMS-4821 -  Mounts on wall to measure relative humidity in a room with an addition of a local display.

Water Detection:
IMS-4830 - sensor for detecting presence of water on the floor. Includes 10 feet of water sensing rope which can be extended with additional 10 feet sections.

Power Failure:
IMS-4840 - Additional power failure monitoring can be added with one or more of these sensors. Actual AC voltage is measured and used for alarming.

15A Current Snesor 100-250 VAC 50/60Hz, IEC320 C14 inlet/C13 outlet:
IMS-4841 - Connects in series with your servers or other network equipment to monitor how much current is being used.

20A Current Sensor, 100-250VAC 50/60Hz, IEC320 C20 inlet/C19 Outlet:
IMS-4842 - MOnitors up to 20 Amps or current.

Dry Contact:
IMS-4850 - Allows any dry contact to be interfaced with any of the IMS systems.

4-20mA Bridge:
IMS-4851 - Allows any 4-20mA analog transducer to be interfaced with any of the IMS systems.

Magnetic Reed Switch:
IMS-4860 - Used to monitor a door to a room, or even a cabinet door for unauthorized activity.

Smoke Detector:
IMS-4862 - Detect smoke and/or fire independently from your primary fire alarm system.

Motion Sensor:
IMS-4861 - Physical security motion detector to detect unauthorized access.

Axis 206 Network Camera:

Panasonic BL-C10A Network camera with pan and tilt:

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