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The FARMsitter has eight zones for sensors,
4-20mA analog sensor support, dry contact support (N.O. or N.C.), temperature (10k thermistor), individual zone calibration, power status monitoring, zone "disabling" feature, high sound level monitoring, and output control relay: manual/automatic. All to protect your farm while you're not there.

In addition it has user recordable voice, dial outs to eight people (pager, alpha, and voice), remote "listen-in" via the microphone, time-stamped alarm history, NEMA-4 rated enclosure, superior surge/lightening protection, and a 12+ hour rechargeable battery backup.

Relay Output Control

  • Rated at 120VAC/ 2A 24VDC
  • LED Indicates Status of Relay
  • Manual or automatic mode
  • Turn on strobe when in alarm
  • Switch relay via telephone


Sensor Zone Types

  • Dry Contact/Temperature
  • Sensaphone 10k Temp Sensor
  • Any dry contact sensor
  • Ideal for security, doors, etc.
  • Requires no power
  • Analog 4-20mA Transducers
  • External power
  • Table ranges
  • User configurable
  • Readings are analog


Alarm Configuration

  • Temperature ranges supported -20 F/29 C to 150 F/65 C
  • 4-20mA table range -10,000 to 10,000
  • Temperature calibration of -15 to 15
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales
  • -20mA calibration of -100 to 100
  • Alarm recognition time configurable up to 272 minutes
  • High-sound recognition time of five seconds to 60 seconds

Wiring Recommendations -
The FARMsitter will work fine in indoor environments using unshielded cable. When wiring will be subject to lengths (>250') or if run outdoors, it is highly recommended that shielded cable be used and that the shield be connected to an earth ground. Also, be sure to use the appropriate gauge wire based on the distance and sensor type. See chart below:
Wire Gauge Thermistor NO/NC Contact & 4-20mA
#24 250' 1000'
#22 500' 2000'
#20 1000' 4000'

Communications -
The FARMsitter is compatible with telephone answering machines/voicemail and rings up to 15 times for an answer. It will mute speaker during alarm call and has an alarm acknowledgement via pulse or touch-tone call. It supports pulse or touch-tone and has 3 3/4 seconds of recordable voice for each sensor zone. The FARMsitter also has six seconds of recordable voice for location ID with voice repetition up to 10 times. Eight dial out telephone numbers up to 48 digits and call delay until the first call is made up to 60 minutes, also time delay between alarm calls of up to 60 minutes.

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