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Sensaphone 400 & 800

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For small businesses and property owners, the Sensaphone 400 offers an easy, inexpensive way to monitor your remote facility, cabin or vacation home. Installed in a clean indoor environment, it has built-in monitoring for power failures, temperature, and sound monitoring of audible alarms. Four or eight external inputs on the back can be connected to various external sensors to monitor temperature, water on the floor, humidity, intrusion and more.

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Input Zones:
  • Flexible inputs that support:
    Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts
    Temperature sensors: -20 F to 150 F
    Four channels in the model 400
    Eight channels in the model 800
  • Automatic input type configuration
  • Programmable recognition times
  • Internal calibration
Alarm Notification:
  • Four phone numbers in the model 400
  • Eight phone numbers in the model 800
  • Makes voice phone calls with customized messages for easy identification.
  • Built-in alarm test function to simulate and test the notification process.
  • Includes telephone Line Seizure
Voice Messages:
  • Built in vocabulary for keypad programming and sensor readings.
  • Record custom voice phrases in your own voice to describe each input zone.
  • Record site identification message.
  • Internal microphone for custom voice message recording
  • Monitor high sound alarms.
  • Microphone can also be used for remote listen in feature.
Remote Access:
  • Call in any Touch Tone phone to check the status of all monitored conditions.
  • Make programming changes remotely from any Touch Tone phone.
  • Remotely control the output relay.
Local Access:
  • Keypad and speaker for local programming
  • Easy voice prompted programming
  • Password-protected to restrict programming access
Output Relay:
  • Low voltage NO/NC output relay included.
  • Manual or automatic alarm response switching.
  • The Sensaphone 400 is a direct replacement for the model 1104 and Cottage Sitter.
  • The Sensaphone 800 is a direct replacement for the model 1108.
Power Supply:
  • Comes with plug-in power supply.
  • 24 Hour battery backup using 6 size C alkaline batteries (not included).
  • Automatically monitors for power failure alarms.
  • International power options available.
Built in CottageSitter Control:
  • The built in relay can be used to remotely change the temperature of a dual setback thermostat. Provide your own, or order the FGD-0064 Thermostat from Sensaphone.


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