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PowerSight 3000
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PowerSight 3000 Energy Analyzer
Put all the power in the palm of your hand!

It's the smallest, most cost effective meter for the measurement
and analysis of electrical power!

    • Demand and Savings Analysis

    • Harmonics Analysis
    • Power Quality Analysis
    • Data Logging
Measurements Include Single-Phase and Three-Phase; Wye or Delta; and DC:
  • Voltage (Min, Max, Avg, and Present RMS Voltage)
  • Current (Min, Max, Avg, and Present RMS Current)
  • Power (True RMS Power, Reactive VAR Power, and Apparent VA Power)
  • Power Factor (A, B, C Phases and Total)
  • Harmonic Distortion (THD and individual harmonics of any voltage or current)
  • Transients (Total number and date, time, peak, and duration of largest transient)
  • Energy (Use per hour, month, and year)
  • Cost (Cost per hour, month, and year)
  • Peak Demand Period (Date, time, and KWH)
  • Frequency (Max, Min, Avg, and Present Frequency)
  • Duty Cycle (Average On and Off time)
  • Power Cycle (On/Off Cycles)
  • Time (Present, Elapsed, and Time monitoring began)
  • PC Control/Analysis Software (Transfers data from meter to PC for analysis)

Download PS 3000 Brochure (PDF Format 88KB)



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