20-Year Warranty

UL 1449
2nd Edition Listed

Description General Specifications
The DLP-5.10 is a heavy-duty wideband protector that prevents cable transients from damaging sensitive loads. When sensing a transient on either the shield or the center conductor, the DLP-5.10 operates in nanoseconds to automatically shunt damaging transients to earth ground.

The unit offers ideal protection for 10BASE-T, HUBs, Routers, Token Ring and I/O Ports.

Installation is quick and easy using BNC connectors. The DLP-5.10, like all MCG protectors, is backed with a 10 year, no-nonsense warranty. Please call our Tech Support staff with all your application questions.

DLP - 4.68, 4.71, & 5.10 Data Sheets (49KB)

Duty: Heavy
Clamp Voltages: 6V
Connector: BNC (F/F)
Protected: Center & Shield
Series Rs: 2 Ohms
Response Times: <1 Nanosecond
Attenuation: <1db at 70MHz
UL: 497B
Mounting: 4.2" x 1.50" x .185" ID

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