20-Year Warranty

UL 1449
2nd Edition Listed

Description General Specifications
The DLP-37A/DLM4 protects computer mainframes, terminals, process controllers, data loggers, and other complex instrumentation from damaging lightning and surges.

Screw terminal strip and/or punchdown connections enable wide application for the heavy duty DLP-37A system. Protection circuitry resets automatically after the transient has passed.

The DLP-37A is a protection platform that accepts up to seven DLM4 plug-in protection modules. Each plug-in DLM4 module protects four wires and is available at 6, 15, 25, 62 and 200V levels. The DLM4 protection modules can be mixed to suit your specific protection needs.

The protectors are UL497A, UL497B Listed. Let our Technical Support Group help you with any questions about your application.

DLP - 37A Data Sheets (36KB)

Duty: Heavy (Gas Tube + SAD)
Capability: Accepts 7 DLM4 modules
Clamp Voltages: 6, 15, 25, 62, 200V
Connector: Screw Terminals or Punchdown Blocks
Protected: Up to 28 Wires
Response Times: <1 Nanosecond
Attenuation: <1db at 10MHz
Ipeak: 5000 amps
Series Rs: 2.4 Ohms
UL: 497A (Fuse), 497B
Mounting: 6.50" x 4.20" (.19 ID)

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