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UL 1449
2nd Edition Listed

Description General Specifications
The DLP-10/20/30E-Series are triple stage hybrid protectors that combine brute force primary protection with high speed silicon avalanche diode stages for rigorous transient clamping.

The DLP-E Series guard mainframes, process controllers and other complex instrumentation from damage due to lightning and switching transients. It also monitors the signal presence on each data channel. You always know that your system is operational.

The DLP-E Series are hardwired and ready to be installed anywhere.



DLP - 10E, 20E, & 30E Data Sheets (36KB)

Duty: Heavy
Clamp Voltages: 6,25,62,200V
Response Times: <1 Nanosecond
Attenuation: <1db at 10MHz
Ipeak: 5000 amps
Series Rs: 5 Ohms
LED Monitors: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 terminals
Connection: 6-32 screw terminals
UL: 497A (Fuse), 497B
Mounting: DLP-10E
4.2" x 1.50" (1.85 ID)
4.2" x 2.25" (1.85 ID)
4.2" x 3.75" (1.85 ID)

Protection Applications

Control and Instrumentation
Process Control
Factory Instrumentation

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