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LS Series

Stop Wasting Money on SPD Features You Don't Need

120LS    200LS    300LS    560LS

A surge protector at the
main service panel had better have the muscle to keep your equipment safe.
So you specify a hefty UL-listed unit with 120, 200, 300 or 560kA capability.
Along with the protection, though, what else are you paying for?

Some features you want on all suppressors, others you could live without.


Installation Instructions for 120LS, 200LS, 300LS, & 560LS

There are 120 different configurations possible with the LS Series.
Just tell us which one you want.

For more information and pricing, or to place an order for any of the above products, please call us Toll Free at 1-800-784-7989 (US only), fill out our Request Form, or send us an e-mail to:  sales@sentinelpower.com.

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