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524 Series Rack Protector


Twenty Four Port Protection

20-Year Warranty

UL 1449
2nd Edition Listed

Description General Specifications
Ideal for telephone, telecom, instrumentation or Ethernet applications, this front-to-back 24-port protector fits into any standard 19" equipment rack. Protects eight wires per RJ45 port with clamp voltages of 6V, 25V, 60, and 200V available.

Demanding Cat. 5, 100BASE-T, 100VG, CDDI, ATM155 applications are ideally suited to the 524H rack protector.

Employing an internal ground connection and an additional ground strap, the units install quickly in new or retrofit applications.

MCG's ten-year, no-nonsense warranty guarantees free, immediate replacement of any MCG data line protector that gets damaged in service. Call factory for details. 

524 Data Sheet
524 Specifications

Capability: Cat. 5, 100Mbps
Clamp V: 6,25,60,200V
Connector: IDC-110, RJ45 (female)
Rack Height: 2 Unit
Protects: 1-8 wires
Response Times: <1 Nanosecond
Ports: 24, Front/Back
Weight: <1 lb.
Dimensions: 19" x 3.50" x 1.38"
6V for 100BASE-T, RS-422
25V for RS-232
60V for CSU/DSU's
200V for routers, hubs


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