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512 Series Rack Protector


Twelve Port Protection

20-Year Warranty

UL 1449
2nd Edition Listed

Description General Specifications
Unshielded twisted-pair cable used in networks is more susceptible to electrical noise than shielded cable. And, because the networks are frequently moved and changed, it's easy to lose track of where these cables run. Induced transients appear along the run of these cables, unfettered and ready to cause damage to downstream equipment.

The new 52 Series of 19" rack protectors guard routers, hubs, patch panels and other complex instrumentation from damage due to lightning and switching surges. Housed in a compact, one-unit design, the 512 Series offers twelve protected ports (front to back).


Capability: Cat. 5, 100Mbps
Clamp V: 6,25,60,200V
Connector: IDC-110, RJ45 (female)
Rack Height: 1 Unit
Protects: 1-8 wires
Response Times: <1 Nanosecond
Ports: 12, Front/Back
Weight: <1 lb.
Dimensions: 19" x 1.75" x 1.38"
6V for 100BASE-T, RS-422
25V for RS-232
60V for CSU/DSU's
200V for routers, hubs


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