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Ipeak = 200kA


20-Year Warranty

Free modules for life

Free fuses for life

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UL 1449
3rd Edition Listed

ANSI/IEEE C62.41-1996
Category C
IEC 61643-1-1998
UL 1449, 2nd Edition
NEMA LS-1-1992

Lightning and power line surges can seriously damage or disrupt operations in all facilities - commercial and industrial plants, hospitals, reservation systems, banks, stock exchanges, and other mission-critical activities.

The Surge Free 202XT is a brute force protector that is designed for installation at the entrance of a large, Cat. C facilities. The 202XT is manufactured with the rock-solid reliability that is found in all MCG protectors. The XT series offers extraordinary performance in diverting damaging transients. All models include an internal disconnect switch and a ten-year warranty.


Data Sheets for 202XT & 402 XT
Installation Instructions

  • Ip=400kA, 8x20s.
  • Independent lab modules. Rated at 200kA (8x20s each.)
  • Meets NEMA LS 1-1992.
  • Redundant modular protection withstands multiple lightning strikes. Uses 40mm MOVs.
  • Solid copper bus bar construction for minimal impedance and enhanced current sharing.
  • High performance, low inductance Micro-Z installed cable.
  • Field-replaceable protection modules for on-site maintenance.
  • At-a-glance monitoring system: Transient event counter, time and date of last transient event, LED protection status indicators, audible alarm (with mute switch), and surge protected remote relay contacts.
  • Filtering standard on all XT models
  • Warranty - 20 years on Unit and a lifetime replacement of modules.


20kV, 1.2/50s; 10kA, 8/20s


Higher Headroom

UL 1449



Let-Thru V Let-Thru V


Clamp V

Clamp V 1.0 ft. 2.0 ft.
202XT-120T 120/240VAC, 1, 3W+GND


500 640 835 981
202XT-120Y 120/208VAC, 3, 4W+GND, WYE 180 500 640 835 981
202XT-220Y 220/380VAC, 3, 4W+GND, WYE 390 1000 1256 1448 1592
202XT-240Y 240/415VAC, 3, 4W+GND, WYE 390 1000 1256 1448 1592
202XT-240D 240VAC, 3, 3W+GND, DELTA 390 1000 1256 1448 1592
202XT-240DCT* 240/120/120VAC,3, 4W+GND 390/180 1000/500 1256/640 1448/835 1592/981
202XT-277Y 277/480VAC, 3, 4W+GND, WYE 390 1000 1256 1448 1592
202XT-347Y 347/600VAC, 3, 4W+GND, WYE 460 1200 1280 1468 1610
202XT-480D 480VAC, 3, 3W+GND, DELTA 620 1500 2030 2048 2062
202XT-600D 600VAC, 3, 3W+GND, DELTA 750 1800 2056 2232 2364

*High-leg Delta Center Tapped

UL 1449, 500A Test: A UL test setup (6" of cabling and low 500A, 8/20s current waveform) to allow clamping voltage comparisons between SPD's made by different manufacturers. Since a protector in the field will experience a greater surge of transient energy, the low peak current of 500A does not properly reflect an SPD's true clamping and hence is of limited value.


Surge Current/Phase (8/20s) 1 Event - 200kA
Surge Life/Phase (8/20s) 10,000 Events: 10kA
Status Indicators LED Bar Graph
Event Counter with Date/Time Indicator
Audible Alarm with Mute Switch,
Protected Remote Alarm Dry Contacts
Modes of Protection:  L-N, L-G, L-L, N-G
Operating Altitude:  13,000ft. (4000m)
Temp. (Operating/Storage):  -40 to +70 C/-40 to +85 C
Enclosure:  NEMA 4, 14 gauge steel
Dimensions for 202XT 12" x 18" x 8.5" (305 x 457 x 216mm)
Mounting for 202XT:  8" x 18.75"/.31"ID - 4 holes
(203 x 476mm/8mm ID)
Micro-Z Cable Connection:  #10 AWG/.102" OD (2.6mm)
Micro-Z Cable Length:  8ft. (2.44M)
Weight:  39 lbs. (17.7kg)


 MIL STD 220A (50ohm):  120VAC 240VAC 277VAC
-30db:  50kHz 50kHz 25kHz
-40db:  125kHz 180kHz 100kHz
-50db:  210kHz 210kHz 180kHz
-60db:  250kHz 250kHz 200kHz

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