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· Detection Sensitivity: 2.3 ±1.2 %/ft.

· Alarm Sound Level: 85 dB at 3 m (10 feet)

· Activity Indicator: LED in test button flashes once per 45 sec.

· Audible Low Battery Warning: Built-in horn beeps once a

· minute for up to 30 days when the battery voltage drops.

· Transmitter’s ID Code: 24-bit digital word, over 16 million combinations, pulse width modulations.

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Sentinel Power Inc.

The MCT-423 is photoelectric smoke detector designed to sense smoke, but not gas, heat or flame and fitted with a Power-Code-type UHF transmitter. It provides early warning of developing fire by sounding an alarm with its built-in alarm horn,

and by transmitting a coded alarm signal to a Power Code receiver or to a compatible wireless alarm control panel. It must be borne in mind, though, that effective pre-warning of fire accidents is only possible if the detector is located, installed and

maintained properly as described in this manual.

MCT-423 Smoke Detector

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