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Quantity:  1

· Modes of Protection: L-N, N-G, L-L, L-G

· Surge current per phase (8/20 us): 1 Event 40kA

· Surge life per phase (8/20us): 10,000 Events 3kA

· Power present indicator: Green LED

· Reduced protection indicator: Red LED

· Operating altitude: 13,000 ft. (4000m)

· Temperature (Storage): -40o to +85oC

· Enclosure: NEMA 12, 14 gauge steel

· Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 3"

· Connection: #12 AWG leads with 3/4" EMT connector

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Sentinel Power Inc.

MCG SPA Π—240DCT Surge Protection

Sentinel Power Inc. * 1-800-784-7989 (United States)  * 1-724-925-8181 (International Calls)

The SPA II is a compact AC power line surge suppressor used at the local service panel to protect all connected equipment. It is ideal when a plug-in protector is insufficient and a larger protector inappropriate for the application. The unit guards sensitive equipment such as CNC machines, industrial robots, soft start control systems and electronic adjustable speed drives. UL-listed and shunt connected, this suppressor has more energy handling capability than other protectors of equivalent size. The SPA II offers LED protection status indicators as well as an audible signal, useful for when the protector is installed in out-of the way locations. A surge of voltage in a facility will dissipate by subdividing throughout the building's power distribution system. The least amount of damaging surge is experienced by the local panels deep in the system. The surge suppression capability of the SPA II has been designed specifically for installation at this point. It rapidly directs transient currents in less than 5 nanoseconds. The maximum continuous operation VAC is 115% of rated line voltage. The operating temperature  is 40˚ to +70˚C.