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· Clamp Voltages: 6V, 25V, 60V, 200V

· Response Time: <1 nanosecond

· Peak Current: 5kA

· Resistance (Rs): 2.4 Ohms

· Insertion Loss <-} db at 10MHz

· Temperature: -55˚ to +85˚C

· Connection:: 6-32 screw terminals

· Mounting: 4.2” x 1.50” (.185 ID)

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Sentinel Power Inc.

The DLP-10 Series guards computer mainframes, terminals, printers, process controllers, data loggers and other complex instrumentation I/O ports form damage, upset and downtime due to lightning and switching surges. Employing time-tested hybrid circuitry, MCG’s DLP 10/20/30 protectors provide a sophisticated blend of high-speed precision clamping and brute force diversion capability. Installation is easy and requires no special tools.


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