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Semiconductor Type Temperature Sensors

Product Description:

The ACI/UVC Series temperature sensor is a system specific sensor. The unit incorporates a semiconductor sensor to provide a linear voltage output over the temperature range of 40 to 150oF. Specific questions should be directed towards ACI.

The units will be offered in Room, Room with Override, Room with Setpoint, Room with Setpoint and Override, Duct, and Immersion configurations. The Override is supplied with an LED indicator. The setpoint indication sticker is Warm | Cool.

Product Specifications:
Output 559.6 mV DC AT 75F IndicationL.E.D.
Temp. Range 40 to 150F Accuracy+/- 1% of Full Scale

RoomOutside Stainless Plate
Duct/ImmersionAveraging-12', 24'
Strap OnBullet Probe
Duct without Box

Ordering Information:
ACI/ -[]-[]
RS-Room w/Setpoint
RO-Room w/Override
RSO-Room w/Setpoint & Override
D-Duct-4", 8", 12",18"
DO-Duct without Box-4", 8", 12", 18"
I-Immersion 4", 8"

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