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Pitot Tube

Product Description:

The ACI/PT is designed to sense the differential inlet pressure in the inlet section of VAV and Fan Terminal Boxes. They can also be used to measure the differential pressure at any other location in the main or branch duct systems.

The "H" port senses the overall pressure and the "L" port senses the static pressure.

These sensors require a 7/8" diameter hole for insertion into the duct. they should be mounted horizontally to assure the accuracy in the velocity readings. Two pilot holes must be used to attach the flange to the duct with either rivets or sheet metal screws.

Product Specifications:
Connections 1/4" Nipples for 3/8" O.D. Tubing Operating Temp Range 40 to 120F
Sensing Points Two sets MountingIntegral Flange with Gasket

Ordering Information:
Example: ACI/PT

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