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Light Level Sensors & Transmitters

Product Information:

The ACI/LLS is a light sensitive resistive sensor which may be used as an input to indicate the amount of light available at the sensor location. The unit is designed to be mounted in either the end of a waterproof conduit box or as a snaptrack mount.

The ACI/LLS has a resistance in darkness in excess of 1M ohm and a resistance in bright light of less than 1.5K ohm.

The ACI/LLS-T incorporates a transmitter with the sensor to produce a 4 to 20 mA signal.

The ACI/LLS-T unit is calibrated for 4mA in bright light and 20mA in darkness.

Product Specifications:

Supply Voltage 12 - 35VDC
Operating Temp -40 to 75°C
Input Impedance 150K Ohms
Maximum Current Draw 22 mA
2 Foot Candle Resistance 17K Ohms
Operating Humidity Range 95% RH Non-condensing
Output LLS - See Resistance Chart
Output LLS-T 4 to 20 mA

Ordering Information:

ACI/[ ]
LLS-T (0 to 100 Foot Candles) Indoor Lighting
LLS-T (0 to 500 Foot Candles) Outdoor Lighting

Example: ACI/LLS or ACI/LLS-T (0 to 100 Foot Candles)

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