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Multi-Voltage Control Relays



Product Description:

The ACI/LD series is a line of multi-voltage control relays. These units will not only save labor costs during installation but they will also allow you to lower your inventory since a number of different one dimensional relays and their sockets aren't needed. These units will provide excellent control of HVAC, EMS (Energy Management Systems), Motors, Lighting, and many other electrical or mechanical applications.

The ACI/LD series control relays are UL Rated and will operate with either AC or DC input voltages. These units are encased in a plastic enclosure and can be mounted from either the integral mounting flange or thru-bolts. All of the mounting hardware is included with the unit. A red LED is used to indicate whether the relay is in the N/O or N/C position.

All of the ACI/LD series multi-voltage control relays come with a two year warranty. For further information please contact ACI.

Product Specifications:
Model # Description Contact Rating Input Voltages Size LxWxH
ACI/LD951 1 DPDT Relay Form 2C 20A24 VAC/VDC4"X 4"X 1.8"
ACI/LD961 1 SPDT Relay form 1C 10A10-30 VAC/VDC or 120 VAC1.5"X 2.8"X 1.5"
ACI/LD971 2 SPDT Relays Form 1C 10A10-30 VAC/VDC or 120 VAC4"X 4"X 1.8"
ACI/LD9651 1 SPST-HOA Relay Form 1A 10A10-30 VAC/VDC or 120 VAC4"X 4"X 1.8"

Ordering Information:

ACI/[ ]

Example: ACI/LD961

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