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Wall Mount Enclosure

Product Description:

The ACI/Infinity2 is the newest wall mount enclosure from Automation Components, Inc.
It totally replaces the ACI/Infinity enclosure.

The new enclosure has many improvements over the previous housing. The most important innovation in the new enclosure, is the development of four-way air flow capability. Now, Instead of just bottom to top airflow, the ACI/Infinity2 also has side to side air flow. This allows the enclosure to be fitted with the latest microprocessor electronics, with no worry of self heating errors. As always, this wall mount enclosure is capable of being screen printed with custom logos.

Starting on July 15, 1998 all product orders will be manufactured using the ACI/Infinity2 enclosure. We realize that some projects have been quoted or specified with our former enclosure, and as such, you may still receive that enclosure. However, be sure to specify that you would like our former enclosure, if the above is the case.

Starting on January 1, 2004, the ACI/Infinity2 will be the only enclosure available from ACI. If you would like any additional information, or a sample of the ACI/Infinity2, please call ACI at 1-888-WORK-ACI.

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