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Current Activated Switch


Product Description:

The ACI/HD100 is a solid -state current operated HI-Powered AC switch. This means that the contact closes when the current level sensed by the internal current transformer exceeds the threshold value set by the four turn adjustment potentiometer. The conductor runs through the sensor, meaning no cutting, tapping or rerouting is required.

The switch can sense current from 1 to 175 Amps continuous, up to 1000 VAC and has 3 jumper selectable input ranges. The sensors trip point is adjustable from 1 to 175A using the four turn potentiometer. The output is a normally open solid state switch. Power for the HD100 sensor is induced from the conductor being monitored. A 3-State Flashing LED is used to signify a tripped switch and power off or below range. The ACI/HD100 series sensors come with a 5 year unconditional warranty

The sensor is a simple, cost effective solution for back up operations and interlocking fans and motors.
Interlock fans and motors
Back-up operation if primary fails

Product Specifications:
Amperage Range 1 to 175 Amps Trip Set-Point 4 Turn Adjustable Potentiometer
Input Ranges 1-6A, 6-40A, and 40-175A Operating Range -50 to 65C
(-58 to 149F)
Output 15A@ 120VAC Sensor Hole Size 0.55" diameter
Isolation 1000 VAC MountingIntegral mounting bracket
1 to 6A
6 to 40A
40 to 175A

less than 0.01A
less than 0.1A
less than 0.5A

Ordering Information:

ACI/[ ]
HD100 (Normally Closed)
HD100-NC (Normally Closed)(No LED)

Example: ACI/HD100

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