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Thermistor Temperature Sensors

Product Description:

The ACI/Enhanced temperature sensor is a system specific sensor that provides accurate temperature control. These sensors provide a predictable output over a specified temperature range to meet the manufacturers required input value.

Thermistors offer high accuracy and interchangeability over a wide temperature range.

The thermistors's high resistances relative to Platinum RTD's create a larger signal with the same measuring current, negating most lead wire resistance problems and eliminating the need for signal conditioners.

This unit is offered in only one version that includes Setpoint, Override, and LED Indication.

The Override is wired in parallel with the Setpoint. This sensor also has a 5 Pin In-Line communication port and the indication sticker is Cool | Warm. Other options may be available upon request.

Please contact ACI for more information regarding this sensor.

Product Specifications:
Output 10,000 Ohms @ 77F (25C) Dissipation Constant 3mW /C
Temp. Range -40 to 302F (-40 to 150C) Accuracy+/- 0.2C (0 to 70C)
Interchangeability +/- 0.2C (0 to 70C) Operating Humidity 10 to 90% RH non-condensing
Setpoint 4.75K to 24.75K Ohms IndicationL.E.D.

Ordering Information:

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