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Multiple Input to Resistance Output



Product Description:

The ACI/DRN series control a variable resistance with a microprocessor. Each unit accepts several different DDC inputs, analog, pulse, and tri-state. The DRN3 will accept a triac input, the DRN4 requires an adapter. Analog inputs of voltage or current are converted to the appropriate resistance. Three common pulse width timing ranges are jumper selectable, other ranges are available upon request. The tri-state input accepts two digital signals one for increase and the other for decrease. The DRN3 allows the user to select the rate of resistance change with a jumper, the DRN4s rate of change is 55 seconds to full scale. The output directly replaces a variable resistance controller and simulates the action of a potentiometer. Neither unit allows wrap around if the input exceeds rated value.

The DRN3 has on-board failback relays that lock out the original resistive controller during operation. If the supply power to the unit is lost control will revert back to the original controller. This feature allows the user to override the system remotely or by hand. The DRN3 includes LED indicators for power and input signals. The unit comes standard as a snap track mount.

The DRN4 is supplied in an enclosure that can be mounted to a 1/2 inch knockout on the motor. Color coded leads are included for electrical connections.

Product Specifications:
Supply Voltage 24 VAC/VDC +/- 10%Supply Current 250 mA(MAX)
Analog Input 0 to 15 VDC0 to 20 mA(current)Operating Temp -20 to 1150F
Pulse Input Ranges 0.02-5 sec/0.02 sec increments
0.1-25.5 sec/ 0.1 sec increments
0.59-2.93 sec/ 0.01 sec increments
0.1 to 10 sec
0.023 to 6 sec
Output Resolution 256 Steps (DRN3)
32 Steps (DRN4)
Tri-State 5 to 24 VDC/AC
5, 15, 90, sec rate of change(DRN3)
45, 120, 240 sec rate of change (DRN3)
55 sec rate of change (DRN4)
Output Resistance 135, 500, or 1000 Ohm Others available upon request

Ordering Information:
ACI/DRN3(0 TO 135 Ohms) OR ACI/DRN4 (0 TO 1000 Ohms)

Example: ACI/DRN3 (0 to 135 Ohms) or ACI/DRN4 (0 to 1000 Ohms)

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