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ACI Current Sensors

Please click on the product below to view product information.

ACI/250, ACI/SC250 Current Status Sensors
ACI/500, ACI/SC500 Current Status Sensors
ACI/HD100 Current Activated Switches
ACI/MM-1 Current Activated Switch (Overloads)
ACI/MM-2 Current Activated Switch (Underloads)
ACI/C100, ACI/200
ACI/SC100, ACI/SC200
Analog Current Sensors
ACI/225, ACI/SC225 "Go/No" Current Status Sensors
ACI/R225 "Go/No" Current Status Sensors w/Command Relay

kW/kWH Transducers

kW/kWH Transducers
ACI/KW2213 kW/kWH Tranducers
ACI/P125, ACI,P200 Current Transformers

For more information and pricing, or to place an order for any of ACI products, please call us Toll Free at 1-800-784-7989 (US only), fill out our Request Form, or send us an e-mail to:  sales@sentinelpower.com.

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