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CO2 Transmitters

Product Description:

The ACI/CO2 transmitters monitor carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in industrial and living environments. The concentration of CO2 is a good indication of the indoor air quality (IAQ). Carbon dioxide is produced by many objects, both living and non-living, and can quickly compromise the IAQ in an inadequately ventilated environment. Guidelines provided by ASHRAE (62-1989) relate CO2 levels to the amount of ventilation required in occupied spaces. Carbon dioxide levels in outside air range from 320 to 350 ppm. Indoor concentrations above 1000 ppm indicate the need for additional ventilation.

The ACI/CO2 is a stable and accurate way to measure carbon dioxide concentrations. The concentration of CO2 is measured using a non-dispersive infrared sensing method over the range of 0 to 2500 ppm. To combat locally high concentrations the sensor diffuses air slowly and uses a sampling method of taking measurements. The sensor is accurate to +50 ppm. The sensor provides a linear 4 to 20mA or 1-5 VDC output on a three wire system. The input voltage can range from 18 to 30 VDC, 24 VDC being commonly used.

ACI's carbon dioxide transmitters are offered as either a room or duct mounted package. The room transmitter mounts directly to a light box. Both transmitters are encased in an off-white ABS plastic enclosure.

Product Specifications:
Supply Voltage 18 to 30 VDC Output4 to 20mA or 1 to 5VDC
Accuracy +/-50 ppm Repeatability +/- 10ppm
Measurement Range 0 to 2500 ppm Operating Range 32 to 104F
Output Drift Max. 2% of Full Range Response Time 15 to 45 Seconds

Ordering Information:

ACI/CO2 - [ ]
R- Room Configuration
D- Duct Configuration

Example: ACI/CO2-R or ACI/CO2-D

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