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Balco Temperature Sensors

Product Description:

The ACI/1K-Balco Series temperature sensors incorporate a wire wound RTD sensor which provides a predictable output over a specified temperature range of -40 to 240°F.

These Sensors are available in a two wire configuration incorporating high accuracy and interchangeability throughout a wide temperature range.

These units are offered in Room, Room with Set Point, Room with Override, Room with Setpoint and Override, and Room with Setpoint, Override, and RJ11 Jack; Duct, Duct without Box, Immersion, Stainless Plate, Raw, Strap-On, Bullet Probe, and Outside Air Configurations.

Setpoint options include a linear 400 Ohm, 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K, or 100K potentiometer. An optional series resistor allows for any offset of the setpoint potentiometer. The slidepot action may be in either Direct or Reverse Acting.

Indication stickers for setpoint include Cool|Warm, 55 to 85, and 10 to 30°C. Others are available upon request.

Override options include a N/O switch in parallel with the sensor or a separate 2 pole terminal block for tenant override.

All ACI sensors also come with optional 4 or 6 pin RJ11 communication jacks with terminal blocks for remote programming.

Product Specifications:
Output 1000 Ohms @ 70°F (21°C) Accuracy+/- 0.1%
Temp. Coefficient 2.2 Ohm/°F Temperature Span -40 to 240°F (-40 to 116°C)
RoomOutside Stainless Plate
Duct/ImmersionAveraging-12', 24'
Strap OnBullet Probe
Duct without Box

Ordering Information:
Sensor Configuration Pot Value Setpoint Sticker Pot Action
ACI/ -[]-[] -[]-[] -[]-[]
1K BALCO 2 wire R-Room 400 Ohms 55 to 85(DA) Direct Acting
3 wire RS-Room w/Setpoint1K Ohms Cool/Warm(RA) Reverse Acting
RO-Room w/Override 2K OhmsSpecify
RSO-Room w/Setpoint & Override10K Ohms
RSO-RJ11- Room w/Setpoint, Override and RJ1120K Ohms
D-Duct-4", 8", 12",18" 100K Ohms
DO-Duct without Box-4", 8", 12", 18"
I-Immersion 4", 8" Specify
A-Averaging 12', 24'
S-Strap On
O-Outside Air
SP-Stainless Plate

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