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Analog Rescaling Module

Product Description:

The ACI/ARM is an analog rescaling module which accepts an analog voltage or current and rescales it to another voltage or current. Several preset ranges are jumper selectable. Trimmer potentiometers can then be used to attenuate an input signal 100% or make fine adjustments on output ranges for maximum flexibility.

The ACI/ARM also has an adjustable gain and offset. The output gain can be adjusted anywhere from 1 to 25 times the input. The offset of the output can be adjusted anywhere from +/- 0.25 to +/- 20 volts.

The ACI/ARM also has the ability to reverse a signal. The ACI/ARM also has a regulated DC power supply output to power sensors or transmitters. By using voltage divider applications, the ACI/ARM can also accept a resistance input.

The ACI/ARM is available in a snap track mounted configuration.

Product Specifications:
Supply Voltage Regulated 24 VDC +/- 10%
Regulated 22 to 28 VAC
Operating Temp. Range -20 to 150F
Supply Current 200mA (max) Input Impedance Current = 250 Ohms
Voltage = 1 Meg Ohms
Regulated Voltage Output 20 VDC (30mA max) Load ImpedanceCurrent = 750 Ohms @ 20mA
Voltage = 5K Ohms @ 20 VDC
Input Ranges Voltage = 0 to 35VDC
Current = 0 to 44mA
Signal Gain1 to 25 Times
Output Ranges Voltage = 0.25 to 20VDC
Current = 1 to 44 mA
Signal Attenuation 0 to 100%

Ordering Information:
Please Specify Please Specify

Example: ACI/ARM-(4 TO 20mA)TO(0 TO 5VDC)

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