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Air Quality Transmitter

Product Description:

The ACI/AQS series air quality sensors measure the level of contaminate gases within a controlled space and converts the 0 to 100% contaminate level to a 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC signal. This sensor can be used as either a controller or as a transmitter by setting the software with the ACI/AQS-HC Hand Held Calibrator. This unit comes factory calibrated for Office Buildings, Schools, etc. If this sensor is to be used in applications such as Service Garages or Industrial Plants, the unit will have to be field calibrated using the ACI/AQS-HC since there is no adjustment potentiometers on the ACI/AQS.

The use of a specially designed sintered semiconductor sensor allows the ACI/AQS to accurately measure the level of Volatile Organic Materials (VOMS). This signal can then be used to control a damper, regulating the amount of fresh air introduced by a ventilation plant, thereby saving on the energy costs of heating or cooling fresh air during periods of little or no occupancy.

The AQS transmitter/Controller works by looking at the signal as a full spectrum sensor, automatically compensating for temperature and humidity effects, thereby judging the degree of pollution.

These units must be powered with 12 to 30 VDC and are offered in both room and duct configurations. Contact ACI for further information.

Product Specifications:
Supply Voltage 12 to 30 VDC Output Impedance >1K Ohms for Voltage 1000 x Vs/24 for Current
Supply Current 100mA Operating Temp Range -10 to 60C (14 to 140F)
Output 4-20mA or 0-10VDC Operating Humidity 10 to 95% non-condensing

Ordering Information:

ACI/AQS - [ ]
R- Room Configuration
D- Duct Configuration
Example: ACI/AQS-R or ACI/AQS-D

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