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Air Quality Hand Calibrator

Product Description:

The ACI/AQS-HC Hand Held Calibrator is used to recalibrate the transmitter to a different environment or for logging data. It includes an alpha-numeric display as well as a touch keypad. All you have to do is plug in the RJ11 Phone cable into the phone jack and follow the simple calibration procedures. The unit will adjust the software to the points that you enter into the AQS-HC. These points will then have to be adjusted until they are set to your optimum values.

One of these units will be required for any on-site calibration of this unit. Accessories include an AQT-Demo kit which includes a black plastic case containing a pre-wired power module and analog meter connected to a hand held module and air quality sensor. A AQT-Serial Kit is also available which includes cables and software to permit data from the air quality sensor to be downloaded to a PC and graphed. Please contact ACI for more information on the ACI/AQS-HC.

Ordering Information:

ACI/AQS - [ ]

HC- Hand Calibrator
SK- Serial Kit
DK- Demo Kit

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