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Analog Input to Relay Output

Product Description:

The ACI/AAR controls two relays with analog inputs. The switching levels of each 10 amp form C relay are controlled by a potentiometer. Analog inputs include voltage, 0 to 12VDC or 0 to 24VDC, or current, 0 to 20mA. The AAR has two deadband settings; fixed and adjustable. With the select set at fixed the relay will turn on at the level set at the high pot and will shut off when the input signal falls 3% below the turn on level. At the adjustable select, one potentiometer controls the point at which the relay turns on and the other controls the turn off point. The AAR includes edge connectors that allow up to 6 units to be cascaded. The connectors pass the power and signal to each AAR requiring the installer to hard wire just the first unit. Each AAR includes LED status indicators and mounts in snaptrack. Some common applications include:
Level Indication
Digital output Expansion
Staging and Sequencing

Product Specifications:
Supply Voltage 24 VAC/VDC +/- 10%Supply Current 45mA max
Input Voltage Range 0 to 12 and 0 to 24VDC OutputForm "C" Relay
Input Current Range 0 to 20mA Output Rating10 Amp @120VAC
Operating Temp 32 to 150F Operating Humidity 5 to 95% non- condensing

Ordering Information:
Example: ACI/AAR

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