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Semiconductor Type Temperature Sensors
ACI/592 Series
ACI/592-10K Series

Product Description:

The ACI/592 Series semiconductor type temperature sensors provide accurate temperature measurement and control.

The ACI/592 provides a 248 to 378 uA output throughout the temperature range of -25 to 105oC (-13 to 221oF).

The ACI/592-10K uses a precision 10K (0.1%) resistor to convert the current output to a three-wire 2.48 to 3.78 VDC output.

These units are calibrated using a NIST traceable thermometer to ensure the highest possible accuracy. Each unit will be individually calibrated and labeled with its offset never to exceed 2.2oC (4oF).

These units are offered in Room, Room with Setpoint, Room with Override, Room with Setpoint and Override, Duct, Immersion, Stainless Plate, Raw, Strap-On, and Outside Air configurations.

Setpoint options include a linear 400 Ohm, 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K, and 100K slide pot and any offset resistor in series with the potentiometer. These may be ordered as either Direct or Reverse Acting.

Override options include a normally switch in parallel with the sensor or a separate two-pole terminal block for tenant override.

Custom configurations are available upon request.

Product Specifications:
Output 592 248 to 378uA
592-10K 2.48 to 3.78mV
Supply Voltage +4 to 30 VDC
Temp. Range -13 to 212F (-25 to 100C) Temperature Coefficient ACI/592 - 1uA/C or 0.556uA/F
ACI/592-10K - 10mV/C or 5.556mV/F
Accuracy +/- 1.26F @ 77F (+/- 0.70C @ 25C) Offset +/- 4F max (+/- 2.2C)
Repeatability +/- 0.18F (+/- 0.10C) Linearity +/- 0.27F max from 32 to 158F

RoomOutside Stainless Plate
Duct/ImmersionAveraging-12', 24'
Strap OnBullet Probe
Duct without Box

Ordering Information:
Sensor Configuration Pot ValueSetpoint Sticker Pot Action
ACI/ -[]-[] -[]-[] -[]
592 R-Room400 Ohms 55 to 85(DA) Direct Acting
592-10K RS-Room w/Setpoint 1K OhmsCool/Warm (RA) Reverse Acting
592-CS RO-Room w/Override 2K OhmsSpecify
592-10K-CS RSO-Room w/Setpoint & Override 10K Ohms
RSO-RJ11- Room w/Setpoint, Override and RJ11 20K Ohms
D-Duct-4", 8", 12",18" 100K Ohms
DO-Duct without Box-4", 8", 12", 18"
I-Immersion 4", 8" Specify
A-Averaging 12', 24'
S-Strap On
O-Outside Air
SP-Stainless Plate

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