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Current Status Sensors


Product Description:

The ACI/500 and ACI/SC500 are both microprocessor-based current sensing switches. The 500 series is excellent for new installations, since the conductors run through the housing and requires no cutting. The SC500 series sensors are ideal for retrofits since, their split core can be opened to fit around existing conductors. These current sensors are accurate, reliable, easy to install, and requires less service than differential pressure switches, flow switches, and paddle wheels.

The ACI/500 can sense continuous currents from 1.5 to 150 amps and is self calibrating. The sensor does not require any supply voltage, since the power is induced from the monitored conductor. The output of the sensor is a Form C relay rated to 5 Amps at 250 VAC. This sensor includes both a Contact LED Indicator and a Calib/Alarm LED Indicator. The Contact LED indicates three states: Tripped on, Current present but below trip point, and Current Off or Below low end of range. The Calib/Alarm LED indicates Sensor operating Normally, Sensor is calibrating and contact is closed indicating normal operation, or an alarm condition /contact is open.

The ACI/SC500 can sense continuous currents from 2.5 to 150 amps. The sensor does not require any supply voltage, all power required is induced from the monitored conductor. The output of the sensor is a Form C relay rated to 5 Amps at 250 VAC. Like the ACI/500 this sensor also comes with the Contact LED and the Calib/Alarm LED. All 500 Series current sensors come with a 5 year unconditional warranty.

A current sensor monitors fans, pump, motors, and electrical equipment for proper operation. The ACI/500 senses any change in current. A change in current may indicate motor failure, belt loss or slippage, or mechanical failure. Any time one of these events occurs, the current can drop significantly, tripping the sensor, and notifying the controller. Some monitoring applications include:
Fans, Pumps, Heating elements
Critical motors
Lighting circuits
Ancillary equipment

Product Specifications:
Amperage Rating ACI/500

1.5 to 150 A Continuous
2.5 to 150 A Continuous
Output Rating 0.3A @ 135 VAC/VDC
Isolation 1270 VAC/VDCOperating Range 0 to 70C
(32 to 158F)
Operating Window
+15% of Monitored Current
-15% of Monitored current
Sensor Hole Size ACI/500
0.75" dia,250 MCM Cables
0.85"dia,350 MCM Cables

Ordering Information:

ACI/[ ]

Example: ACI/500 or ACI/SC500

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