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4 Input/1 Output Controller

Product Description:

The ACI/4N1 accepts up to four inputs, performs a simple mathematical function and produces the result as the output. The interface is microprocessor controlled and provides excellent flexibility. The 4N1 accepts two to four analog inputs either voltage (0 to 5, 0 to 10VDC) or current (0 to 20mA). The output is the result of one of four functions; the average of two to four inputs, the maximum of two to four inputs, the minimum of two to four inputs, or the difference of two inputs. The form of the output is selected with a DIP switch. The 4N1 is commonly used in these applications:
Coldest Zone Hot Deck Reset
Warmest Zone Cold Deck Reset
Reset VAV Make-up Air from "fume hood" or exhaust fan pressure signals
Signal Selector

Product Specifications:
Supply Voltage 24 VAC/VDC +/- 10%Supply Current 110mA(VAC) 50mA(VDC)
Input Ranges 0 to 5 and 0 to 10VDC0 to 20 mA(current)Output Ranges 0 to 10VDC(voltage)
0 to 20mA(current)
Input Impedance 248 Ohms (voltage)
124K Ohms (current)
Load Impedance 1k Ohms max (voltage)
500K Ohms max (current)
Operating Temp -20 to 150F Operating Humidity 10 to 95% non condensing

Ordering Information:
Example: ACI/4N1

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