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GO/NO Current Status Sensor

Product Description:

The ACI/225 and ACI/SC225 are miniature current sensors designed to replace relays in most applications. The output of the sensor functions as a switch activated by the amount of current sensed. The output is a solid-state (more reliable than a relay) and non-polarity sensitive.

The ACI/225 is the solid core version while the ACI/SC225 is the split core version, making it ideal for retrofit applications. Both sensors induce power from the conductor being monitored and require no external power. The 225 has a fixed trip point of 1A and the SC225 has a fixed trip point of 1.5A. When the current in the conductor exceeds this threshold, the sensor acts "closed." The sensor will indicate "open" when the current is interrupted or falls to 0A. All 225 and SC225 models come with a 5 year unconditional factory warranty.

These units perform in any application where the amount of current flow is sufficient to indicate the operating status of the sensed load. Some common applications include:
Direct Drive Fans
Pumps - water, condenser, tower, sump, process control
Heating elements - duct, reheat, oil sump
Critical motors - compressor, fuel, feedwater
Lighting circuits - interior, parking
Ancillary equipment - fume hoods, irrigation pumps, valve status
OEM - pump controls, no-go interlocks

Product Specifications:
Amperage Rating 225 - 1 to 250 Amps
SC225 - 1.5 to 250 Amps
Trip Point 225 - 1 Amp
SC225 - 1.5 Amp
Output Rating 0.3 Continuous, 120 VAC/VDCIsolation Voltage 1240 VAC
Temperature Range -50 to 65C (58 to 149F Hole Size225 - 0.75" diameter up to 250 MCM cables
SC225 - 0.88" sq. up to 350 MCM cables

Ordering Information:
ACI/[ ]
ACI/225 (1 to 250A)-Solid Core
ACI/SC225 (1.5 to 250A)-Split Core

Example: ACI/SC225

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