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kW/kWH Transducers

Product Description:

ACI's AutoPhase kW/kWH transducers have meter grade digital accuracy for reliable energy management, sub-metering and performance contracting. There is no need to connect all of the PT Series Current Transformers in any order or with any polarity. The AutoPhase will identify the phases and polarity automatically. Thus eliminating flashing "Error" lights, as well as tedious and dangerous reconnecting of inputs. These units were designed for fast installation, easy startup, and with no hidden or unexpected costs. No external power or field installed fuses are necessary. Both the ACI/2012 and ACI/2013 series transducers are OEM modules that can be mounted in some other enclosure while the ACI/2112 and ACI/2113 series transducers are mounted in a NEMA 1 enclosure. These units must use the P125 and P200 series Current Transformers or current output CT's.

Product Specifications:
Power Required Induced LCD Display Two line - 16 Character
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FS, True RMS Power Communication RS232 or RS485 Serial Communication
Voltage Range 120-600 VAC Auto Range Select up to 12Kv w/ Optional potential transformers Analog Voltage Outputs0-5 VDC or 0-10VDC (User Selectable) self powered, Opto-Isolated, 10k Ohm Minimum Load Impedance
Amperage Range 5-1500A w/ProtecCT's
50-4000A w/Current output CT's
Analog Current Outputs 4-20mA, Self Powered 24 VDC Loop, Opto-Isolated, 500 Ohm Maximum burden
Isolation Voltage 3,700 VAC System Alarm Output Solid State Contact, 100mA 130 VAC/VDC(75, 80, 85, and 90%) undervoltage Setpoints
Fuse Rating 600 VAC, 0.5A kWH Output Solid State Contact, 100mA 130 VAC/VDC(Ranges 0.01, 0.1, 1.0, 10 kWH/Pulse)
Operating Temp -18 to 50C (0 to 122F)

Ordering Information:
Current Input Type Programming DisplayHousing type
KW2012A Current Output CT Dip SwitchNone Module
KW2012V ProteCTDip Switch NoneModule
KW2013A Current Output CT Keypad on Module LCD on Module Module
KW2013V ProteCTKeypad on Module LCD on Module Module
KW2112A Current Output CT Dip SwitchNone NEMA 1
KW2112V ProteCTDip Switch NoneNEMA 1
KW2113A Current Output CT Keypad on Module LCD on Module NEMA 1
KW2113V ProteCTKeypad on Module LCD on Module NEMA 1

Example: ACI/KW2113V or ACI/KW2112A

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